NASPO 2017 Annual Conference

The role of state procurement has changed a lot since NASPO’s members came together at the first Annual Conference 70 years ago. The 2017 Annual Conference will challenge you to innovate new approaches not only to prepare for the future of state government, but to help shape it. Join your fellow members, September 10-13 in Tampa, Florida, to interact, network and conduct the business of the organization as we look ahead to another 70 years of excellence in state procurement.


Keynote Speakers

Sheryl Connelly

Confessions of a Corporate Futurist: Coming Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Organization

Jason Allen Ashlock

The Storyteller's Secret: How Narrative Intelligence Can Transform Your Organization

John Adler
Karen Boeger
Deb Damore
Barnali Dasverma
Jenny Doherty
Bob Gleason
Norma Hall
Tim Hay
Sarah Hilderbrand
Michael Jones
Vern Jones
Peter Korolyk
Gary Lambert
Dianne Lancaster
Eric Mandell
Larry Maxwell
Matt Oyer
Richard Pennington
Mike Perry
Doug Richins
Voight Shealy
Delbert Singleton
Jim Smith
Megan Smyth
Jason Soza
Meredith Ward
Christine Warnock
Carol Wilson

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