Photo of DeLaine Bender, CAE

DeLaine Bender, CAE

Executive Director
  • Board of Directors & Executive Committee 
  • Investment Committee
  • Joint Audit Committee
  • Nominations Committee 
  • Governance & Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Planning

Photo of Rhonda Clark

Rhonda Clark

Services Coordinator

  • Board & Executive Support
  • Performance Tracking
  • Program Assessment & Reporting
  • Membership
  • Professional Development Funds

Photo of Krista Ferrell, CPPB, CPPO

Krista Ferrell, CPPB, CPPO

Director of Strategic Programs

  • Procurement Subject Matter Expertise
  • Best Practices Sharing
  • NASPO Resources, Research & Policy
  • Higher Education Initiatives

Photo of Amanda Graves

Amanda Graves

Project Coordinator

  • Careers Postings & Digital Archive
  • Member Expense Reports
  • Staff Support for NASPO ValuePoint
  • NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Education Funds

Photo of Jordan Henson

Jordan Henson

Policy Analyst

  • Cronin Awards Committee
  • Member Statisfaction Survey
  • Resources, Research & Policy Development

Photo of Kristy Howard

Kristy Howard

Communications Coordinator

  • NASPO Network
  • NASPO Regional Councils
  • Member Communications
  • NASPO Website
  • Bulletin Monthly Newsletter

Photo of Amanda Jackson

Amanda Jackson

Special Projects Coordinator

  • Annual Conference
  • NASPO Exchange
  • Monthly Bulletin Newsletter
  • NASPO Network
  • Regional Councils & Conferences

Photo of Molly Marsh

Molly Marsh

Programs Coordinator

  • Annual Conference Committee
  • Regional Conference Planning Work Groups
  • NASPO Exchange Committee
  • Mazzone Award Task Force

Photo of Jill Midkiff

Jill Midkiff

Director of External Relations

  • Liaisons Task Force
  • Strategic Partner Alliances
  • Brand Management
  • Public Relations & Marketing

Photo of Amy Mitchell

Amy Mitchell

Research Coordinator

  • IBISWorld Reports
  • Legislative Tracking
  • Research Agenda Monitoring and Tracking

Photo of Elena Moreland, MPA

Elena Moreland, MPA

Senior Policy Analyst

  • Best Practices Committee Work Groups
  • Survey of State Procurement Practices
  • Resources, Research & Policy Development
  • Green Purchasing Technical Assistance Funds

Photo of Tracy Mullins, M.Ed.

Tracy Mullins, M.Ed.

Director of Education

  • Procurement University
  • Academic Research and Outreach
  • Instructional Design

Photo of Matt Oyer, MPA

Matt Oyer, MPA

Education Analyst

  • Procurement U Training & Professional Development
  • State & National Certification Initiatives
  • Education Inquiries and Policy Guidance

Photo of Lee Ann Pope

Lee Ann Pope

Deputy Director

  • NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization
  • NASPO ValuePoint Sourcing Teams
  • NASPO Conference Programs
  • Member Services

Photo of Megan Smyth, JD

Megan Smyth, JD

Senior Policy Analyst

  • Emerging Issues Committee
  • Special Projects
  • Resources, Research & Policy Development

Photo of Jessica Whitehead

Jessica Whitehead

OLMS Coordinator

  • Online Learning Management System
  • Procurement U Training & Professional Development

Photo of Alex Wilcox

Alex Wilcox

eLearning Specialist

  • Design, develop & implement e-learning courses
  • Determine sequences & create outlines, storyboards, & treatment approaches
  • Evaluates new & emerging technologies

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