NASPO 2017 Annual Conference

The role of state procurement has changed a lot since NASPO’s members came together at the first Annual Conference 70 years ago. The 2017 Annual Conference will challenge you to innovate new approaches not only to prepare for the future of state government, but to help shape it. Join your fellow members, September 10-13 in Tampa, Florida, to interact, network and conduct the business of the organization as we look ahead to another 70 years of excellence in state procurement.



Can you imagine growing-up without ever having the opportunity to ride your own bike? A bike is so much more than just a mode of transportation. It is piece of your childhood and something that every kid should have the opportunity to experience. In Bicycle Build-off, conference participants will give kids the chance to experience life the way it should be.

Teams will have roughly 30 minutes to assemble a child’s bicycle using a variety of standard tools to assist them in the process. Even though the assembly is relatively straight forward, on-site event staff will be available to assist any team during the process. And don’t worry; every single bicycle will be thoroughly inspected by a professional bike mechanic before they are ever donated to any child.

The event will partner with Tampa Bay Rough Riders, an organization that each year helps with children throughout the community in many different ways. The Rough Riders will attend the event towards the end to meet participants, talk about their organization and accept the bikes for donation. Join us Sept. 12, 3:30 – 5:00 pm! 


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