Photo of Andrew Abernathy

Andrew Abernathy

Research Coordinator

  • Cronin Awards Committee
  • Project Tracking
  • GovWin IQ Market Research Tool
  • Research & Policy Support

Photo of Jack Branum, MPA

Jack Branum, MPA

Learning Management System Coordinator

  • Online Learning Management System
  • Procurement U Training & Professional Development
  • Technical Support for Procurement U

Photo of Rhonda Clark

Rhonda Clark

Association Manager

  • Oversee Communications with NASPO for AMR Services
  • Manage Financial Coordination & Processing
  • Member Engagement
  • Strategic Plan Reporting
  • Conference & Meeting Support

Photo of Susan Gonzalez, MBA

Susan Gonzalez, MBA

Director of Business Operations

  • Budget
  • Operations
  • Human Resources

Photo of Lindle Hatton, PhD

Lindle Hatton, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

  • Executive leadership of strategies and initiatives
  • Oversight of the Chief Learning Officer’s professional development program management
  • Oversight of the Executive Director’s operational management
  • Primary spokesperson to advance awareness of and support for NASPO and the public procurement profession

Photo of Jordan Henson, MS

Jordan Henson, MS

Education Coordinator

  • Procurement U Training & Professional Development
  • State & National Certification Initiatives
  • Develop e-Learning Courses

Photo of Olivia Hook, MS

Olivia Hook, MS

Academic Coordinator

  • Outreach to prospective educational partners
  • Coordinates interaction with academic partners
  • Arranges participation in university career fairs
  • Works with subject matter experts on higher education initiatives

Photo of Kristy Howard

Kristy Howard

Communications Coordinator

  • NASPO Network
  • Regional Councils
  • Member Communications
  • Website
  • Bulletin e-Newsletter

Photo of Dianne Lancaster, CPPO

Dianne Lancaster, CPPO

Chief Learning Officer

  • Strategic leadership and direction of education and professional development programs
  • Relationship development with higher education and industry thought leaders
  • Management of industry content for educational programming

Photo of Molly Marsh

Molly Marsh

Programs Manager

  • Annual Conference
  • Regional Conferences
  • Leadership Academy
  • Exchange Conference

Photo of Jill Midkiff

Jill Midkiff

Director of External Relations

  • Liaisons Task Force
  • Strategic Partner Alliances
  • Brand Management
  • Public Relations & Marketing

Photo of Kevin Minor, MPA

Kevin Minor, MPA

Research Coordinator

  • Best Practices Support
  • Green Technical Assistance Funds
  • Legislative Tracking
  • Research & Policy Support

Photo of Elena Moreland, MPA

Elena Moreland, MPA

Senior Policy Analyst

  • Best Practices Committee Lead
  • Survey of State Procurement Practices
  • Resources, Research & Policy Development
  • Top Ten Focus Areas for State Procurement

Photo of Matt Oyer, MPA

Matt Oyer, MPA

Learning Manager

  • Procurement U Training & Professional Development
  • State & National Certification Initiatives
  • State Training Coordinators Conference
  • Education Inquiries and Policy Guidance
  • Learning Resources

Photo of Lily Pennington

Lily Pennington

Programs Coordinator

  • Academic Forum
  • State Procurement Law Institute
  • Regional Conferences
  • Stakeholder Programs
  • State Training Coordinators Conference

Photo of Jennifer Salts, CPPO, CPPB

Jennifer Salts, CPPO, CPPB

Chief Administrative Officer

Oversight of:

  • Member Services
  • Stakeholder Relationships
  • Communications
  • Board & Committees
  • Technology

Photo of Megan Smyth, JD

Megan Smyth, JD

Senior Policy Analyst

  • Emerging Issues Committee Lead
  • IT Procurement Negotiations Taskforce
  • Resources, Research & Policy Development

Photo of Alex Wilcox, M.S. Ed.

Alex Wilcox, M.S. Ed.

Instructional Designer

  • Design and development of e-learning courses
  • SME coordination, sequences, outlines, storyboards, & treatment approaches
  • Implementation of learning technologies

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