Associate Members

Antonette Alig
California Department of Finance
State of California

Patti Bowers
Director of Procurement, Contracts and Grants
Department of Health and Human Services
State of North Carolina

Kim Eisen
Procurement Director, Health Information Office- Purchasing & Contracting Services
Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
State of Colorado

Charlotte Garrison
Procurement Director
Department of Transportation & Development
State of Louisiana

Norma Hall, CPPO, CPPB, CPM
Procurement Director, Commodities and Service Contracts
Department of Transportation
State of South Carolina

Dirk Huggett
Director, IT Planning, Procurement & Project Management
North Dakota University Systems

Jerome Johnson
Associate Director of Grants and Procurement
Department of Employment Services
District of Columbia

Christina Mohr
Associate Legislative Analyst
Connecticut General Assembly
Office of Legislative Management
State of Connecticut

Pamela Nielsen
Procurement Director
Core Technology Services
North Dakota University System

Marlon Paulo
Deputy Director
Statewide Technology Procurement
California Department of Technology
Government Operations Agency
John Stevens, CPPB, CPM
Administrative Manager 2
Department of Health & Human Services
State of South Carolina

Natalie Thomas-Pickering
Procurement Manager
Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands

Jana Thompson
Director of Purchasing
University of North Dakota
Life Members

John Adler, CPPO

Thomas Blaine, CPPO, FCPM, FCPA

Don Buffum, CPPO

Wayne Casper

Larry Eisenberg

John T. Fisher, Jr.

David P. Gragan, CPPO

Jan Hamik

Lee Johnson

Gary Lambert

Elise Lancaster

Denise Lea

Mike Mangum

Paul Mash

Margaret McConnell

Paula Moskowitz

Joyce Murphy

Ric Murphy

Richard Pennington

Dugan Petty

Ellen Phillips

Jack Pitzer, PhD, CPPO

Doug Richins, CPM

Mike Smith

Paul Stembler

William Stuckey

Dick Thompson, Jr.

Dana Watlington

Monica Wilkes

David Yarkin

Honorary Members

Ron Bell

Jane Benton

Bill Burns

Jim Butler

Jean Clark

Milo Crabtree

Tony Des Chenes

Terry Doumkos

Marvin Eicholtz

Lance Fulcher

Sandra Gillen

Don Greene

Jeff Holden

Vern Jones

Eric Mandell

Kathy McAuley 

Linda Morris

Mike Richart

Jonathan Rifkin

Voight Shealy

Bob Sievert

Greg Smith

James Staton

David Tincher

John Utterback

Mike Wenzel

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